Do you suspect your Husband/Wife/Partner may be cheating on YOU?

  • Are they acting differently
  • Are they changing their appearance
  • Are they dressing differently
  • Are they going out at unusual times
  • Are they neglecting you
  • Are they spending more money than usual

Living with Distrust will not solve the problem. It will only make matters worse. Perhaps, now, is the time to prove whether or not your fears have substance, or not.

When you have made contact with us, we would wish to arrange meeting to discuss the most appropriate course of action, as to how we can confirm, or allay your suspicions. We understand such matters are extremely sensitive, and , consequently these initial meetings in such cases are always dealt with by a Director of S.U.S. You will have the choice of speaking to and dealing with a Female Director if you wish. Having obtained the maximum information from, there are numerous ways of making contact with your partner

  • By Text
  • By Telephone
  • Tracking and Following
  • Chance meeting
  • Arranged meeting

When we have established the situation we will report to you with our findings, with recorded information, and where able, provide you with our Photographic and Video evidence.

Please complete your details, and we will contact you in the strictest confidenceā€¦