Private Investigations

There are various reasons why a private client needs the expertise of our private investigators. It could be a suspicion of marital infidelity, or a missing family member, or a nagging feeling that something’s going on in the neighbourhood that’s not quite right. You may even require our services to serve legal papers on ex partners or debtors.

Whatever the reason the majority of our private clients have never contacted a private investigation or detective company before and are often understandably quite nervous. We welcome clients ringing us for a no obligation chat and this will be the only thing you will have to do! You will have the choice of speaking to, and dealing with a Male, or Female investigator. Leave the rest to us to resolve and to get the results for you.

We offer 24/7 discreet and confidential advice offering you, our client the most cost effective way forward to find the solution to your problem!

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