Tracing Missing Persons

Missing persons may include people who have decided to break with their family or leave their employment suddenly due to an underlying problem and it may therefore be necessary to carry out research with sensitivity. If you need to find a person or information about them, then we offer a private and confidential service that may help. From finding old friends to missing persons or debtors, we offer a discreet and professional service. Tracing people can involve much more than just searching data bases. Our experienced researchers will fully assess the information that you provide in order to best try and locate where the subject is currently located.

There are many people who, for one reason or another have disappeared, or lost touch with other people who need to trace them.

These people fall into several categories

  A Parent avoiding Divorce/Maintenance Payments
  Missing Friends or Relatives

S.U.S. service will cover the areas of

  Tracing Agencies
  Thorough Investigation of all Leads
  Good Old Fashioned Legwork

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